I am internationally sought after for my unique style of domination, including the power I have to control you with my perfect, size-seven feet. I have been involved in the NYC BDSM scene since 2009, working as a professional dominatrix since 2011. This has given me the time and insight to hone in on my interests and be more selective about the clients that I choose to see.

I am currently looking to connect with devoted and generous foot fetishists who I can dominate with my feet, and train to worship my feet and boots to my pleasure.

With my unparalleled boot and high heel fetish collection, highly sensitive feet, and a foot fetish of my own, I am excited to connect with foot-fetishists… whom I deem worthy. 

I don’t think that there is anything more romantic than when someone recognizes how perfect and worthy of worship my feet are. One of my favorite compliments I’ve received is when a fellow Dominatrix compliments me on how stunning and perfect my feet are—and I receive that compliment a lot.

There is something just so right about you kneeling at my feet and accepting your place below me. Don’t you think?