Have you ever worshiped a woman’s feet who enjoys it as much as you do?

I’m often asked what my particular foot worship interests and fetishes are. How do I like my feet worshiped? What makes a foot fetishist worthy of my boots, heels, nylons, etc.? What’s the proper way to beg to worship my pretty feet? From leather boot worship to stinky foot worship, this is your step-by-step guide to how to worship my feet.

You do want to please me, don’t you?

Mistress Blunt caressing her black leather boots.

Boot Worship

Boots are perhaps my favorite way to adorn my feet. Boots instantly make me feel powerful and desirous of worship. Bootblacking and proper care for my cherished boot collection is a big part of my personal kink!

Mistress Blunt's legs and black heels.

High Heel Worship

I tell you to open your mouth, run my stiletto heel slowly across your tongue. I pull your hair back until you’re panting, your breath just inches away. “Are you ready to worship these high heels, slut?”

Mistress Blunt's bare feet with black nail polish.

Foot Worship

At size seven, my feet are as sensitive as they are stunning. I adore having you beg to worship my feet. I’ve even been known to orgasm, if you are worshiping my feet up to my standards. Don’t worry… I’ll teach you.

Mistress Blunt seated, wearing black high heels and nylons.

Nylon Worship

“Darling, are my seams straight?” I tease as I bend over, adjusting my thigh-high nylons. I walk over to you and run my nylon-clad foot up your leg, stopping right before I reach your dripping sex. I know exactly what nylon pantyhose do to you… and I know exactly what to do with that power.

Mistress Blunt showing off her black leather boots.

Leather Boot Worship

Worshiping my leather boots is reserved for only my most dedicated submissives. First, I’ll teach you how to care for my leathers because you must earn the privilege of feeling my supple leather boots on your skin. If you want to worship my leather boots, you’re going to have to beg.

Mistress Blunt's stinky feet after a long day at the beach.

Stinky Foot Worship

There is nothing like kicking off my favorite pair of sneakers after a long day of sweating, and having an eager bitch ready to worship my stinky feet and shoes. What is it about the smell of my stinky feet that makes you so eager to bury your face, greedily inhaling their scent? Let’s find out.

“Worshiping Mistress Blunt’s feet has taught me more about God than I ever learned in church.”

My long-time foot fetish submissive

Let’s make something beautiful together, bitch.