Being dominated by you and your perfect feet in person was one of the most satisfying encounters of my adult life. I genuinely mean that. The way you skillfully and sensually used me, mentally and physically, for your pleasure was both a sexually and emotionally gratifying experience⁠—one that I will never forget. 

The scene highlight, if I had to choose one, was worshiping your precious, adorable, size seven feet. It was such a thrill to have the opportunity to kneel before you, naked at your feet. I vividly remember the way they looked, the way they tasted, they way they smelled. I remember the feeling of each toe in my mouth. I remember the curves of your arches. I remember the way your legs looked in nylon.

When I think about your high heel in my mouth… when I think about deep throating your big toe, gagging and choking on it as you slowly worked your entire foot into my wanting, eager mouth… I still get incredibly aroused. 

I love everything about your feet. They’re so deserving of worship. You have beautiful toes and your arches are just so sexy. Each toe deserves to be loved, kissed, nibbled and gently licked. Your feet are like lovely, delicate flowers. They deserve to be worshiped with not just enthusiasm, but respect and skill as well. Every movement should be intentional, every thought laser-focused. Next time, I need to pay even more attention to detail.

You taught me that it’s important to pay attention to your heels and the arches of your feet, not just the toes. I dream of the day when I can slowly, delicately lick and kiss all the way from your heel to your arch again. Ultimately working my way to the balls of your feet and then your toes. I crave worshiping each toe individually, carefully licking between them. 

In addition to oral worship, your feet deserve a quality massage and pampering. You also taught me that foot worship is about care. Now I find myself daydreaming at work about new, more effective ways to care for and pamper your legs and feet.

I could honestly worship your feet for days, exploring every minor detail of perfection. I consider it a great honor to have had the opportunity to worship your feet and leather boots. It’s therapeutic… relaxing… I feel most at home at your feet.

What makes worshiping your feet even more exciting for me, personally, is how much you clearly enjoy receiving foot worship. I have never met someone with a bigger foot fetish than myself, and it’s truly exciting. The thought of you getting wet because I am worshiping your feet? It’s ecstasy for me.  

Thank you, Mistress.

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